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5 Necessities for A Cozy Night In

Mar 18, 2019

There’s nothing that makes me happier than staying in. As an introvert, it’s sort of my dream evening. Lately with the weather being so blah while we anxiously wait for spring to fully arrive, I’m more and more finding myself choosing the couch life with my pup, Pork. It usually includes a good show which is always better than venturing out in the cold.

Here are some of my favorite things you can use to create your ideal cozy night in:

Comfy Clothes

I’m rarely one to sit at home in anything not comfortable. I just can’t comprehend coming home in your work clothes, or your button up shirt and sitting on the couch. It just doesn’t fly in this house. My go to is always a big cozy sweatshirt and my comfiest pants. Whether that’s sweatpants or my go to soft denim, it’s comfort first, friends! My slippers are always never far from me when I’m on the couch too!

A Great Show to Watch

I’m all about a great show to indulge in. Right now, I’ve been into This Is Us – I mean who isn’t!? It seems to always pull at the heart strings for me. This is also why I always keep Scotties Tissues nearby. I always end up shedding a few tears during that show, and having these soft tissues to wipe away the tears is ideal. I also love keeping these around since the pretty new boxes blend in well with my décor. With so many options to choose from, there’s a beautifully printed box perfect for any part of your home.

Warm Blankets

Cozying up on the couch is never complete without a big comfy blanket. I keep several on the couch, but my dog seems to always steal them! You must have options though, from big cozy warm ones for the winter to lighter ones for the summer.

A Big Cup of Tea

There’s nothing that feels more like home to me than a hot cup of tea. It’s something I always turn to when I’m not feeling well, want to wind down and relax, or just want something to warm me up with. I’m almost always enjoying a cup of tea at the end of the day – and obviously starting it with a big cup of coffee. But for lounging at home any time after 3pm, I always switch to tea.

Easy and Delicious Snacks

I’m a big snacker – as in, I love all the snacks. The saltier the better! I personally love salted popcorn the most but also enjoy a great Pretzel Crisp, or Goldfish. Really, if it’s crunchy and salty, it’s approved for snacking in my book.

How do you enjoy a cozy night in?

(Photos and story by Jessica Camerata)