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6 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Feb 20, 2020

I don’t know about you, but by this time each year I find myself ready to say “goodbye” to winter and I am fully ready to greet springtime with open arms. That’s right, I’ve got a hearty case of Spring Fever, and I have already gotten our home ready for the sunshine that is {hopefully} right around the corner. If you’re ready to lighten up your home for the upcoming season, here are my foolproof- and oh, so simple- ways to get your home ready for spring:

1. Brighten Up With Some Natural Wood

One of the things I look forward to most about spring is the hope of spending more time outdoors. In order to prepare for the change of seasons, we like to bring in a few elements of nature. This year, we incorporated pieces created from beautiful, natural wood to give a hint of the upcoming warmth around the corner. You can easily bring hints of the outdoors into your kitchen by displaying wooden cutting boards, salt keepers, spoon rests, or even hand-crafted art work.

2. Minimize Clutter in High Traffic Spaces

Like most households, our kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in our home. As the heartbeat of the house, it can be prone to acquiring clutter; especially during the winter months when we spend way too much time indoors. In preparation for springtime, we like to minimize the mess in high traffic areas like our kitchen by organizing drawers, donating what we don’t need, and finding more streamlined ways to store what we use the most- like this magnetic knife block located above the stove.

3. Spruce Up With Pillows and Throws

Living in New England, the holidays and winter months are often spent cozied up by the fire with some pretty heavy blankets. So, by the time spring comes around, we’re ready to swap out those bulkier pieces with some lightweight, brighter options. The spring is the perfect time to play with texture and pops of color by adding unexpected pillows and throws into your usual mix.

4. Prepare for Allergy Season

Sunshine and flowers and allergies, ah-choo! The springtime brings so much hope and beauty after a long winter, but it can also bring along some pesky allergies. As we enter this new season, we like to stock up on our go-to allergy cures- like these pretty boxes of Scotties facial tissues, that seamlessly blend with our current décor.

5. Swap Out Your Hat Wall

Don’t have a hat wall, you say? It’s time to build one! This super easy accent wall is one of my favorite corners of our home. I simply hang my most worn hats on a small nail; swapping out my favorites based on the season. During the winter, this wall houses my go-to felt varieties in darker colors; while during the springtime it showcases my lighter, brighter straw options.

6. Streamline Décor With Black & White Prints

For me, spring cleaning is all about minimizing chaos and creating a more streamlined energy as we enter a new season. One of the ways I like to do this is by creating a cohesive look with all black and white prints throughout our home. I love that we can mix it up with various-sized photos and different colored frames; but that the continuous black and white medium ties all our memories together.

Morgan Matkovic is the creator of lifestyle blog, Lilies + Lambs. Morgan lives in Connecticut with her husband Phil, their daughters Madeline Mae & Lila Lee, their Black Lab, Georgia, English Bulldog, Otis and Beta Fish, Beau. Morgan started Lilies + Lambs as a creative outlet during her first pregnancy to showcase the beauty she found on her journey into motherhood. Today, Lilies + Lambs is an ever-changing canvas, displaying the beauty she finds in her everyday life as a mama- from bump to baby + beyond.

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