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Design Tips Anyone Can Follow

Jul 13, 2018

Design is in the Details

As much as I love the bigger items for my home – like a buttery leather couch, an amazing chandelier or a giant, homey rug – let's not forget about the smaller things that can really give your home character and add layers. One of my favorite accessories to style with is books! They look great on bookshelves, coffee tables and any surface really, adding a casual, lived-in feel while also providing height to build on. And speaking of building, you can add finishing touches on top of books like ceramics, plants and even beautiful tissue boxes!

Find Beauty in the Ordinary

I always find myself needing a tissue – whether I'm getting ready in the morning, at my desk or by my bedside at night – and who wants to put a generic, unattractive cardboard box out in the open? (I normally hide them in cabinets or drawers!) But when Scotties sent me a couple of their new designs to test out in my home, I happily discovered I was able to integrate the delightful new designs seamlessly into my home. I love the idea of finding beauty in the ordinary, so a tissue box that can double as an accessory to display by my bathroom sink or on a stack of books in my entryway is a win-win in my book. And let’s not forgot the affordability factor!

Look to Nature for Inspiration

I'm naturally drawn to simple, organic shapes that blend well into the rest of my home decor. I like to call my style mid-century with a dose of classic and traditional, but honestly, I don't like to categorize it too much because good design can come in many different forms. The key is really finding a balance and mixing things up to get an eclectic, collected feel. And don't forget about color! Sticking to a simple color palette (like varying shades of blue) and adding pops of complementary accent colors will give your home a cohesive look. 

The botanical printed box is one of my favorites – I love how it plays off all the different types of plants and greenery I have in my home. It looks great on just about any surface I put it on. The design has a quiet sophistication that says, ‘lovely art print that holds soft cloths’ as opposed to just ‘tissue box.’ Another favorite is the soft, natural herringbone patterned box. It imitates the look of wood nicely and pairs well with white furniture. It’s a subtle and soft accent that looks great next to flowers and brass accents, too. These boxes are thoughtfully designed to stand out, but neutral enough to blend in and feel like an intentional piece of decor.

Good Design Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

When it comes down to it, good design doesn't have to cost a fortune, and you don't necessarily have to go very far to find it. Freshening up your space with small, well-designed accessories can give it a dose of unexpected style and happiness. And who couldn't use a little bit more of that?

Written by Erin Wheeler from Sunny Circle Studio