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DIY Gift Tags with Tissue Boxes

Dec 21, 2018

With the holidays in full swing, expenses can start to add up quickly. Everything from lights and decorations to gifts and food for the whole family can easily overwhelm anyone’s wallet.

That is why we partnered with Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY to create a DIY project that will help you save money on wrapping supplies while doing something good for the environment. Her tutorial shows you how to re-purpose your empty tissue boxes by turning them into fun and festive gift tags. Not only are you saving money and up-cycling at the same time, but you can also make this a fun project to do with family and friends. 

Check out Carrie’s step-by-step instructions on her blog here, and don’t forget to show us your awesome gift tag creations on Instagram or Facebook!

While this project was created specifically for our holiday box designs, you can use any of our box designs to make gift tags for all your gift-giving opportunities. Your friends and family will appreciate the hand-crafted wrapping for special occasions throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduations and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative!