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Favorite Summer Décor Trends

Jul 13, 2018

If you ask anyone 12 and under what the best season of the year is, almost every kid will tell you summer is where is at – and I don't disagree! There are so many fantastic things about this season, like the beach, grilling, popsicles, lemonade, fireworks and sipping a frozen drink by the pool, just to name a few. But there's one thing all those highlights have in common: being outside.

However, summer isn't always fun in the sun. Sometimes it's downright HOT. Here on the east coast, oftentimes it's so muggy you feel soaked five minutes after you leave the house. There are summer storms, mosquitos...I could go on. The point is that even in the summer, when there are so many things to do for fun in the sun, sometimes it's okay to stay indoors – especially with air conditioning!

So why not bring the some of that outdoor summer fun indoors? That's exactly what many of my favorite summer decor trends are all about – bringing the fun looks and feels of summer indoors.

Beachy Blues

Nothing says summer like cool blue tones. Not only are blues calming, but they look fantastic almost anywhere. Swap out winter cranberry tones or spring pastels for some blue. Anything from the lightest aquamarine to rich denim blue tones will look great. We opted for a white duvet in our bedroom and white sofa in the living room so we could flip flop accents like throw pillows and blankets to match seasonal themes.

Vibrant Hues

Vibrant colors are big in the summer, like bright beach towels, colorful swimsuits, a box of popsicles or beautiful sunset. Echo those bright tones with your décor to bring the outdoors in.

Something as simple as a stack of colorful books piled on a side table will do the trick. Or you can opt for a bright box of tissues, which we need around here for those pesky summer colds and seasonal allergies! Thankfully, Scotties makes stylish boxes that fit into our summer decor seamlessly. The new designs are functional without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Summery Succulents

Succulents are hugely popular this year. They add a wonderful natural element and dose of life to almost any space. Plus, they are nearly impossible to kill, which makes them even better and more attractive to us non-green thumbed folks.

And the reality is, succulents aren't just a summer thing either. They will look good in your home year-round. You can also put them in a variety of containers to up the style factor. Above, I opted for using a small sushi soy sauce dish. Those little succulents have lived there happily going on two years now!

Bring the indoors out!

Now that the we've amped our summer home decor inside, let's get back to all the outdoor fun summer has to offer. What could be more fun and seasonal than s'mores and an outdoor movie? Just don't forget the Scotties in case the kids choose a tearjerker!

Enjoy your summer, and have fun brightening up your summer home decor!

Written by Heather from The Heathered Nest