Fighting Off Cold Season with Scotties and More

Nov 05, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you waited (im)patiently for the Fall weather to catch up to the actual start of Fall. We had our pumpkin cream cold brews and mums out for far too long before we could throw on a sweater to tie it all together. But now it seems like we finally have a stretch of cooler temperatures, and I couldn’t be happier.

Although, of course with cooler temperatures comes the cough and cold season anxiety. And now with a baby, I’m even more on guard about keeping my family as healthy as possible. A sick kid is a full-time job plus overtime, and there are no sick days on the books for parents.

We’ve been so lucky in the last fourteen months (knock on wood) that Ryleigh only had a cold once. And when she did, we tackled it in just two days. I credit that to the arsenal of cold fighters I had on hand for that very reason. It’s amazing how having a child can change your whole outlook on cough and cold season. When it was just me, I fought through it - no medicine, no germ killers - and likely used the cold as an excuse for a hot toddy or two. But now, I don’t have time to lay in bed all day; I have a little person who needs me to be on my A game 100% of the time, regardless of feeling less than.

You can take a walk through my home and in almost every space, you will find a box of Scotties’ tissues and some sort of germ killer, whether it be hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. I never want a guest to feel like they have to ask for one of the two, especially during playdates when the kids are sharing germs toys, again, something I never thought of pre-kids. And this is the reason I love Scotties - not only are they a super high quality, but they have aesthetically pleasing designs that go with my décor! Yes, this is the kind of thing I get excited about now: quality and style of tissues.

Half the time, my guests don’t even notice the tissues. They’ll ask and I direct them to the box no more than a foot away from them!

Something else that is in my arsenal now that I have a child is the nose frida. If you are a mom to be and don’t know what this is, add one to your cart now. It is a device that allows you to suck the snot out of your child’s nose, there is no sugar coating it. And if you think you are above sucking the snot out of your child’s nose, you are not, and you will eat those words shortly. I should probably just invest in a few more so I can keep one in my car and on every floor of my house.

As a mama, I never leave the house without wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues. I keep them in my car so that it’s one less thing I don’t have to worry about forgetting. It makes diaper changes on the go that much easier and cleaner.

Pro tip: find products that combine benefits to minimize the amount of stuff cluttering your home. Examples include hand soap that also contains a disinfectant or tissues that do the job but also provide extra comfort and aesthetics.

What items do you keep on deck to fight germs? I hope everyone has a cold-free fall!

Ashley Clayton is a Maryland-based lifestyle blogger, wife and mother. She loves to share stories of her everyday life including style inspiration, adventures in motherhood, home décor tips and yummy recipes for her blog, Never Been So.