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Emily Starr Alfano

Home Decor Updates for Summer!

Jul 12, 2019

Ah summer…ice cream, the beach, berry picking. And for me, the perfect time to make some updates in the home! After installing central AC last year, I’ll take pretty much any excuse to spend some time indoors and away from the humidity and heat that New England summers bring.

Sure big changes are always fun {we’ve been working on the kitchen!} but sometimes it's the small updates that are most impactful.

Switch up your artwork and display coffee table books. These are simple ways to brighten things up for the summer months.

Add a pop of color…whether flowers, books or a box of tissues {allergy symptoms are still running rampant in our house}!

Plants! And more plants! They’re cheap, relatively easy to maintain {some species more than others}, and are actually good to have in your home.

While I love nothing more than a bouquet of fresh flowers, summer always inspires me to decorate more with dried florals. The textures and softer tones offer an organic feel that I like to incorporate into our home.

How do you like to decorate for summer?!