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How to Create Big Impact with a Small Budget

Apr 30, 2018

So many of us dream of having that magazine-worthy home full of beautiful furniture and accessorized to the nines. When in the beginning stages of decorating a space, it doesn't take long to realize how quickly the price tags start to add up – especially when fixing up a room from scratch. Then there are some of us who have lived in our homes for a while but need to do some updating. Working with what you have and making a few small changes really can have a huge impact if done the right way.

I'm here today to share five ways to create big impact in any space on a low budget, with small changes. Zhushing up your home doesn't have to break the bank, it just takes a little time and effort to pull everything together while still staying within your means. Updating colors, creating visual interest with pattern play and making your own DIY decor pieces are just a few ways to pull this off. Read on for more details!

1. Select your pop of color and use it in a few, small ways

Pillows, throw blankets and candles are excellent and inexpensive ways to add an accent color to a space. They are small enough pieces that you can swap them out for different seasons and holidays, making it easy to store away for future use. Pro tip: if you like to change out your throw pillows regularly, buy pillow covers instead of pillows with inserts. This makes it so much easier to store them in a bin or even hang them up in a closet.

2. Mix and match patterns

Large-scale prints paired with small-scale patterns create visual interest. Use complimentary patterns in your rugs, pillows and art. And don't forget about the covers and spines of your coffee table books.

Books are an easy way to create small vignettes on coffee tables, end tables and nightstands and also help to create varying height across your surface. Pick some up at your local thrift store if you like the color or pattern. You can even remove the cover and see what’s beneath. Try painting the old books for a pop of color!

Pattern is everywhere, so don't just stick with solid colors when sprucing up your space. (Side note: how fun is Scotties’ new gray and white geometric tissue box pattern!?) Working with multiple neutral patterns makes it effortless to mix and match. You really don't have to worry about coordinating colors, just the prints!

Rugs are another great way to make a big statement in your space, but they can also be pricey. If you want to invest in an area rug for your room, make sure it is a color and pattern that you love – then build your room around it. Again, neutrals are always a safe bet because any color can be added dependent on the time of year or maybe even your mood.

3. Use photos or DIY art pieces in various sizes to create a statement wall

Wall art can be expensive, so by purchasing affordable frames that you love (don't forget about checking your local thrift store for inexpensive frames to keep as-is or spray paint), you can create your own "art" to put inside. Family photos, scenic pictures taken on vacation or DIY art all work. Ever fall in love with a wrapping paper or piece of fabric? Try framing them! You can use scraps leftover after wrapping a gift or purchase a remnant of fabric at your local craft store.

You can also take a stab at painting your own piece of art or simply creating a geometric design using a Sharpie marker!

4. Add flowers or greens to your space to create a welcoming vibe

Nothing says, "Come on in!" like a lovely floral arrangement; however, picking up fresh flowers on a regular basis gets expensive. So how about fresh, faux or a mix of both! See how I created two centerpieces using two fresh flower bouquets and then added in faux flowers to add color and fill up the vase a bit more here.

Faux green stems do wonders in a space, too! If you want the most affordable option, head outside and grab some fresh clippings. You just can't beat FREE when you’re decorating on a budget!

5. Don't forget to shop your house!

This is the most affordable (and fun!) way to bring life back into a space. Swap things out from room-to-room or dig through your storage closet or basement to find pieces you might have forgotten about. Maybe sentimental pieces from a trip or something that was passed down from a relative could be used as props to style your bookcase or coffee table. Pull items out that have a color you want to add to your room or grab something and give it a few quick coats of spray paint – good as new!

Baskets, candlestick holders, books, vases, mirrors, frames, etc. are all items that can be brought back to life with a quick makeover. Besides, if you are tired of looking at something in your bedroom, try moving it to the living room. It might look like a completely different piece.

Pulling off a stylish look on a budget really is doable. Give it a try and see what you come up with! The nice part is that most of these tweaks are small and temporary, so you're not stuck with something for too long if you tire of it. Making frequent, small changes is a great way to keep your home feeling fresh and up-to-date!

Written by Rachael Bliefnick from This is our Bliss:

Rachael is a mom and Chicago-land blogger who provides interior styling tips and tricks, home décor ideas and inspiration, as well as simple, inexpensive DIY tutorials to help you create a blissful, stylish home that looks and feels like YOU. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.