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How To Embrace Hygge In The Summer

Jul 16, 2019

Did you know that you can embrace hygge in the Summer? Hygge is a Danish term that made it "big" in the U.S. in the past couple of years. If you are new to the word hygge, hygge is the quality of coziness and comfort that gives a feeling of content or wellness, which is common in the Danish culture. Most people associate hygge during the winter time. I think it is because of the cozy elements you can add to hygge. For instance, a cozy blanket, warm drink (tea or coffee), candles and soft loungewear. All of that just screams perfection in the Winter.

Hygge In The Summer

But after coming back from Copenhagen (I went in early June), I've seen Danish people embrace hygge in the summer. Hygge is something they do all year round and not just the cold months. Hygge really is up to the individual, but here is how you can embrace this Danish practice in the summer time.

Go Outside

Enjoy being outside and take advantage of the warm weather. Either go for a bike ride, go on a long and casual walk, dine outside, or go on a picnic. I personally love dining outside. Any restaurant that has outdoor seating, I'm sold! I also love a good picnic. 

Summer Reading

Many people I know love to read or get back to reading in the summer. That's exactly what I've been doing. I have a list of book recommendations that would be perfect for summer reading. I especially love reading outside either by the pool, at the beach, in the park or on my balcony!

Comfortable Clothes

Put on comfortable clothes! No, I'm not talking about the softest and warmest loungewear. Think comfortable summer fabric. For me, it is a breezy and breathable dress. I really enjoy wearing pieces made with linen in the summer. So cooling!

Grab A Cold Beverage

Depending on the time of day, my cold beverage of choice varies. First thing in the morning, I love a good iced coffee. So refreshing and definitely helps me get a kick start to my day. Sometimes, I love a nice, ice-cold lemonade in the hot afternoon!

Get Cozy

Who says cozy only exists in the Winter? I love adding outdoor pillows to my picnic or to my outdoor furniture. It adds an element of comfort. They're great back support to my outdoor chairs and they're so inviting when I bring them to a picnic.

Prepare For Allergies

As you can tell, the main focus of summer hygge is being outdoors. But that also means potentially being exposed to allergens. My allergies definitely spike in the Spring & Summer, so I always have Scotties Tissues with me. I love that their tissue boxes are chic. It helps keep and maintain that hygge style!

So are you ready to embrace hygge in the summer?
xo RD

Story by Rach DiMare