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Hygge: The Art of Coziness

Dec 03, 2018

Life is exceptionally busy and demanding. At the end of a long day, it’s natural to want to escape to a place that welcomes serenity and relaxation. That’s why the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) has become an international trend. Simply put, hygge is all about maximizing comfort and enjoying life’s little moments. The theory is that overall well-being can be enhanced by making small changes to our lifestyle, starting at home.



Hygge encourages you to treat each room like a sanctuary. But that doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your home’s entire décor to achieve this – just a little touch here and there can transform any space into a den of coziness. Set a budget and start with the room you spend the most time in and go from there. Hygge, after all, is what you make it!


With the cooler part of the year ahead, now’s a great time to incorporate some hygge principles into your life (and home). Here’s a few ideas to get you started:


1.    Surround yourself with softness.

Load up on the cuddliest blankets, cushiest pillows, fluffiest rugs, even having super-soft facial tissue within reach helps– comfort is key in hygge.

2.    Switch up your bedding.

Heavy duvets, weighted blankets and flannel sheets during the colder months can help improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

3.    Curl up with a good book.

Reading reduces stress, lowers your heart rate and can help ease muscle tension. It also gives us a chance to break away from screen time, which can impact sleep cycles and overall restfulness.

4.    Express yourself.

Put your most meaningful items (like souvenirs) on display – their stories are begging to be told. The memories surrounding them are also likely to bring on the warm fuzzies.

5.    Set the mood.

Low lighting, even from the warm glow from a cluster of flickering candles (real or flameless), creates a calming, inviting and cozy atmosphere in any space. Scented candles (allergies permitting) are a great way to further alter the mood of a room, whether it’s to promote relaxation or energize your space. Scents like cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, citrus and sandalwood are great choices that aren’t too overpowering.

6.    Take your time.

Give yourself time to complete tasks instead of rushing around. Spending a bit of time before bed planning out your next day (or week) can help reduce stress. Peace of mind matters in hygge too!

7.    Create wind-down rituals.

From aromatherapy to yoga and meditation, take some time each night to do whatever helps melt the stress of the day away.

8.    Warm up.

Sip away at a hot cup of tea, relax in a steamy bubble bath, or bundle up in your comfiest clothes – whatever helps you unwind and enjoy ‘me time.’ 

9.    Host a casual night-in with friends.

Spending time with loved ones is a simple way to warm the spirits. Hosting a low-key potluck or movie night are fun and uncomplicated ways to get together with friends.

10.    Huddle around a crackling fireplace.

(Yup, even the one on your TV (via YouTube or Netflix) will work!) Likely one of the coziest things of all, this trance-inducing activity lowers blood pressure and puts you at ease, all while creating warmth throughout a room.


Remember, hygge is about the little things and creating a feeling, a mood really, within every space. You might be doing it already without even knowing it.


While hygge is associated with the winter months, it’s a principle that can be enjoyed year-round. It’s all about atmosphere and surrounding yourself with those you love and taking the time to enjoy every minute of it.