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Preparing for a Socially Distanced Holiday Season

Nov 18, 2020

With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been looking for ways to safely prepare for hosting my family. For all of us, I know that the holidays will look a little different this year with big family gatherings being limited in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, we are pushing forward and planning to enjoy a few smaller holiday gatherings of people who have self-quarantined. To properly prepare for hosting for the holidays, I am making sure that I am stocked up on Scotties Tissues!

I find that during cold and flu season, it is never bad to be over-prepared. Year round, I always stock each of my bathrooms with tissue boxes – including plenty of extras under the sink. When I am expecting company, I like to go the extra mile and put tissue boxes in each guest room and in the more used spaces, like the family room. In light of COVID and cold and flu season, I want to make sure I am even more prepared than usual!

The one downfall to having tissues in so many rooms is that they can sometimes be unsightly. Luckily, Scotties addressed that issue by teaming up with Genevieve Gorder for a second year in a row to design stylish, winter-themed tissue boxes that are totally Instagram-worthy. In case you didn’t know, Genevieve Gorder is an “Interior Designer who happens to be on TV” according to her Instagram bio. Why wouldn’t you want your tissue boxes to be designed by a true interior designer?! From chunky knit prints to snowflakes and Christmas trees, these boxes are so beautiful that you will have no issue displaying them as part of your home décor! I was able to blend these boxes right into my home decor seamlessly. They look great in my family room near my Christmas tree!

In addition to looking great, the Scotties winter-themed boxes are stocked with their signature 3-ply Triple Soft tissues that are super soft and won’t rub your nose raw. There is nothing worse than having a red, irritated nose in all of those family holiday photos!

Check out how I styled my home with these winter-themed Scotties holiday tissue boxes designed by Genevieve Gorder. I personally think that they blend in perfectly, making them both beautiful and functional!

Kristen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in New York with her husband, Eric. She loves sharing everything from fashion to beauty to home décor. 

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