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Snow Day Essentials

Feb 22, 2019

Winter is my absolute favorite season, and I always look forward to snow days. There's just something about cold weather that makes the house feel so cozy – perfect for bundling up and relaxing.

I grew up in a really hot, humid and tropical place, so I can totally survive without summer heat now. And because I love winter so much, I get just as excited as the kids do when we have snow days! A snow day means we get to have tons of fun, whether that includes playing outside in the snow or looking out the window to watch the snowflakes fall.

Here are some snow day essentials for fun-packed winter days that will help keep the kids entertained when they come back in after playing outside:


One thing we always keep handy to help with runny noses is Scotties’ Facial Tissues. My kids already know the drill and will line up to have their noses wiped when they come inside! I choose Scotties because they are reasonably priced, and I can always get fun and stylish box designs that blend into the décor of any room in my home. Plus, they are soft and gentle on my kids’ little noses!

Robes and Slippers

After dropping off all their snow gear by the door and wiping their runny noses, my kids jump into their robes and slippers to warm up. I always leave their cozy clothes by the staircase so they can grab them as soon as they walk in.

Hot Cocoa by the Fire

My family loves cuddling up by the fire with some yummy hot cocoa. It’s a special treat that never gets old, am I right?


You can’t go wrong with having some of your kids’ favorite books ready to go on a snow day. That way they can cozy up on the couch to read instead of spending too much time in front of a computer screen.

Board Games

Playing board games is one of our favorite things to do as a family. We always have so much fun! It's one of the best ways to help the time pass when the weather is not the best outside.


Watching movies together is another family favorite – it’s become somewhat of a tradition in our household. We’ll have Frozen on repeat during snow days, but any of your kids’ go-to favorites will do the trick.

Teepee Tent Igloo

We call our white teepee the Igloo during winter. I usually toss a bunch of comfy throw blankets inside so my kids can play in their pretend winter wonderland when it’s too cold outside, and they absolutely love it!

Enjoy your snow days and stay warm!

Enjoy your snow days and stay warm!