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Top Home Décor Trends for 2021

Mar 23, 2021

A lot has changed over the past year (to say the least!). People around the world are spending more time at home than ever before, which means many of us are investing more time and money into creating the best possible spaces for ourselves. For some, that has meant completely remodeling homes or even buying brand new ones; but for others, improving your home can be as simple as adding small upgrades and design touches throughout your space.

As we all look to modify our homes to create the best possible spaces for us to live, play and work – and quarantine, if necessary – Scotties has rounded up some of the top home décor trends for 2021 to keep in mind.

Indoor Greenery

Since going outside isn’t always an option – especially during a harsh winter – why not bring the outside in? Indoor plants and trees create a calming atmosphere while freshening up indoor air. Plus, caring for them can become a fulfilling hobby for those looking to take on new activities while spending more time at home. If you don’t have the best green thumb, don’t worry – adding touches of plants and greenery through your décor (including your tissue boxes!) can give you a similar effect without the added responsibility.

Ultimate Gray: Pantone Color of the Year

Gray was aptly chosen as a Pantone Color of the Year for 2021 because of its calming nature. The world can seem pretty out of control at times, so it’s natural for us as humans to seek out serenity. Adding grey elements throughout your home can create a calming effect while still maintaining a lively atmosphere where you will actually enjoy having to spend more time.

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Multipurpose Everything

2021 is the perfect time to rethink your living space, now that your space is likely also doubling as an office, school, gym, movie theater, restaurant, and much more. Finding ways to reimagine your home with multipurpose items can help restore balance to what might otherwise end up being a chaotic living area. One easy way to accomplish this is with chic tissue boxes that double as a stylish home décor accessory and useful necessity – especially at a time when tissues are more important than ever.

Friluftsliv: The New Hygge

As we all know, Hygge has risen in popularity over the last few years. But now friluftsliv is the new trend taking over. Another Danish concept, friluftsliv means “free air life.” The idea is centered around bringing the indoors outside, meaning creating cozy outdoor spaces in our backyards, patios and balconies with things like plush patio furniture, stylish upholstery, bar counter tops and more. This trend exploded as the coronavirus pandemic moved small gatherings and holiday celebrations outside, resulting in our outdoor spaces becoming more important than ever. Since we’re already investing in our home décor, why not also invest in making our outdoor spaces as appealing as possible?

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