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Using Color to Change a Room’s Mood

May 01, 2018

If there is one thing you can count on in home décor, it's the affect color will have on your space. Color has the ability to influence the mood of a room unlike anything else you can do. Whether you're designing a room from scratch or simply redecorating your current space, color is ultimately what will determine the feeling of your home. Today, I’m here to share my tips on how to use color to modify the mood of a room.

What’s the purpose of the room?

Think about how these colors make you feel. You will want to pick colors that give a room an overall feeling you'd like to have when you're spending time there. Also, consider how you use this space – the room’s purpose can help determine the right color palette. For instance, you would not choose the same colors for a child's art room as you would for your study or reading room.

Think about colors in nature

You can choose colors most effectively by looking to nature – blue ocean water, green trees, red and orange fire, yellow sun, pink sunsets, etc. You can almost feel the emotion each color evokes just by thinking about where you see it in nature. Some examples of the emotions different colors can evoke include:

  • Green = Refreshing
  • Gray = Calming
  • Orange/Red/Pink = Energetic

Make small, impactful changes

There are a few specific ways color can influence the mood of a room. Wall paint will be the biggest indicator of a room’s mood, followed by other color considerations like fabric patterns on furniture, throw pillows and window treatments. And finally, don't forget your accessories!

I find oftentimes it’s the little things you can do on a weekend in your own home that make a big difference in the mood of your space. While keeping bigger items intact, you can change out certain smaller items to give your space an entirely new look and feel.

Everyday items matter

Be sure to take your everyday items into account when decorating your space. When you are grocery shopping, choose your tissue box color based on the room you will put it in. No need to hide them any longer now that they come in great color and patterns – mix them right in with your décor! Books are another way to evoke your room’s feeling. You can take off the dust covers to see if the actual book cover changes the look of your décor, or even turn the spines of the books around and use the opposite side instead – designers often use this trick when they need a clean color palette.

The next time you walk in a room and you feel a little out of sorts, look around at the color. Is it offering up the mood you were hoping for? If not, consider some slight accessory changes to see if that helps. Remember, it's your home. Whether you want a calm place to relax or an energetic atmosphere to get you moving, choose your colors accordingly.

Written by Sonya Barker from At Home with the Barkers

Sonya is a lifestyle and home blogger based in South Carolina. She founded her blog “At Home with the Barkers” in 2013 to her learnings from 23+ years of home project experience. It has taken shape to be a place where, along with the fun projects, sharing everything that embodies your home is just as important. She hopes to inspire her readers to create both the home and life they’ll love. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.