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    Scotties facial tissue delivers comfort in every kitten-soft sheet of 2-ply, 3-ply or 3-ply with aloe. All come in stylishly designed packages, so you can choose the Scotties that best fit your needs AND home décor. Discover your new favorite today.

  • Relief for allergy sufferers

    You don’t need to face allergies alone. Treat your sore nose to the natural soothing effects of aloe, and comfort watery eyes with a gentle touch of kitten-soft Scotties facial tissue. You can also prevent symptoms and reduce exposure to allergens with these helpful hints. Find out more here...

  • Did you know? Scotties has 3-ply!

    Need a strong tissue with an extra layer of softness to relieve a sore nose, or itchy, watery eyes? Grab a box of Scotties 3-ply facial tissue. And for your worst allergy, cold or flu symptoms, try kitten-soft Scotties 3-ply with aloe. It has the strength of regular 3-ply with a touch of aloe for added comfort. Find out more here...

  • Kitten-y soft, every time!

    Scotties is kitten soft, there’s a gentle touch in every tissue. Choose the product that’s right for you...

  • Everyday Comfort

    Scotties facial tissue isn't just for allergies and colds. Use them for touch ups and makeup removal; rely on them to dry your tears, in times of joy and sorrow; incorporate them (and their boxes) into kid-friendly crafts. What clever uses do you have for Scotties facial tissue? Share them with us on Facebook

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