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Scotties® Products

Soft and affordable with styles that fit any room.
That’s Scotties.

Gentle on your skin
Strong for tough colds

Everyday Comfort, Triple Soft, or a touch of Soothing Aloe, Scotties® Facial has a selection of tissue product that’s right for you.

everyday comfort

Be prepared in every room of your home with Scotties® Facial. Everyday Comfort 2‑ply softness comes in a range of box designs to suit your style.

triple soft

3 layers of softness for your family care with the strength to protect against your toughest sneezes, blows, or nasty colds. Packaged in designs to suit a range of styles.

soothing aloe

Soften the blow with Soothing Aloe 3‑ply tissues. A gentle combination of softness, strength, and natural, moisturizing aloe to soothe and protect sensitive noses.